About Us

Committed to Making a Difference


Youth Enlightened African Movement strive to support and improve the lives of the future generation that will positively impact society. We nurture the potentials and develop skills that will enhance the abilities  in order to improve the networks of ever growing talented and brilliant Youth African population

At YEA Movement, the goal is to raise such persons in the right state of mind and the passion to see to and to orchestrate the processes that would bring the continent from its present state to a healthier, better secured, corruption free and more prosperous one.


CARE about what we do and hope to develop strong children, families and communities across the continent through academic readiness, character development, and social enrichment activities.

EMPOWER youth from low income communities

PROVIDE  the Africans youth with all the tools, resources, and support they need in order to reach their potential.

PREPARE our youth to become responsible, actively engaged global citizens and leaders.


We believe that every African child grows up envisioning a better environment that will provide him/ her the opportunities to thrive, create and maximize his/ her potential.